Sunday, July 31, 2011

Solipsistic Trance

Where do I go?
When the sun sets
To the east ?
Or the west?

Time is running out
I must hurry and choose a direction
I need a place to go when the sun goes down

It is nor clear waht I should pick it
But what if I choose the wrong one?
On to my death or my survival?
This risk why am I here with this risk?
The question with no apparent answer
Forbidden by those who call themselves sane
Sun draws near set…

The lower edge slices into the earth at the horizon
Time runs
Why am I here?
Time runs
What if I chose wrong?
Time runs

Still, why have I come here to be in this problem?
What if I die?
What if I live?
Time runs
Sun lowers evermore

What’s the real difference if death is the absence of life, but the life is denial or constant facing of death?
The two are the same
Time runs

I’m either dead or living hoping not to be dead
No matter what, death will always be here haunting me
Time runs

So why run to the east?
Or the west?
Sun starts to fade out of sight

The way I preoccupy my self with death and the avoidance of it
I shouldn’t have to fear it
I am death
Why not?

If its on my mind
And it is what defines my life?
Because if I did not die, I would not be aware that I lived

The sun sets and darkens engulfs all into nothingness….

……….……………Its like nothing ever changed…………………….…