Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trying to be yourself?

Most would agree that each person has a true personality that is unique to only their self. Yet we can observe that each person’s personality is an amalgamation of several others. So for example, we can say that someone gets 40% of their personality from some person and 30% from another person and another 30% from someone else (in actuality it would be much more complicated then this, but for sake of argument lets make it simple). Nothing out of the ordinary so far right? Lets take the next step. Let’s think that for every part received from someone else, that piece is also an amalgamation of who knows how many other parts, and those parts are also amalgamations- this pattern repeats forever. So any one piece is really not one thing. So when we said before that one person has 40% from someone, that percentage piece is really not from that one person, but from an innumerable number of influences and sources. Therefore, we are made up of many other people, but those pieces are not whole but instead have no definite boundaries. There is a direction from where the piece comes from- the person of influence- but what comes to you is not just that one person, but all those influences that go back forever. So the makeup of your personalities are not from anyone really, but rather you are a unique expression of a specific ratio of influence streams(the direction of influence you get from people) which culminate in your self. Thus, yourself is really no self but almost all selves (if you consider the fact that we all were once in the same small group of early humans) because that stream of influence stretches back forever and to everyone in the past. So that self of yours is the self of humanities collective stride. The only reason you are different from others now, is because the different streams of influence have culminated in different people in different ratios. So to analogize, its all the same water, but going through different streams. The water comes from the same place and is made of the same stuff. It only takes on different shapes and different directions. We can see this in our physical appearance as all humans have the same parts but in different proportions. This is also parallel to atomic structure, being that what makes atoms different is the ratio of electrons they have. So to recap, our personalities are made not from different people per-se, but the streams of influence which carry along these traits from person to person, each self submitting something to be passed on to the next person. Therefore we can understand how we are all connected and expressions of the same basic stuff. So being yourself really would mean to be like many other selves and not just your single self (whatever that means).