Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lyrical Interpretation of Lycanthropy by Fear Before

to ruin the illusion?
Is this primal or futile?
Is this instinct or evil?
Is this right or wrong?

The consensual reality is an illusion. That is, it is not permanent and can vary. That’s why we can have different cultures in a single area. But when one has the opportunity to see beyond their reality (like with a psychedelic drug)- not to see another one, but to see a more primal, fundamental, essential reality which may underlie and/or predate our waking/ordinary reality- and they return to this reality and see how people are trapped in maladaptive violent practices which did not at all reflect the harmony and interdependence of all things witnessed in that experience outside of consensual reality, they begin to suffer from the feeling of being trapped in a hostile reality. So is it wrong to ruin the illusion of a blind social construction? Or should one stay ignorant, not dispelling the illusion? Or should one strive toward keeping accord with one’s self-truth and evolve and adapt in consequence to it’s lessons.