Friday, March 15, 2013

Imagine for a minute… Less Defense, More Education

A world where the spending that is put to military defense here, is instead spent on the education of individuals. Imagine a world where universities and other places of education recruit and provide (bribe) people with the same level of resources such as great pay, newest technology, and occupational security as do militaries. What if the research and development departments of defense contractors with their huge and sometimes blank government paychecks, would instead have their funds diverted to research and development programs to further education? Instead of creating million dollar missiles which can destroy one floor of a building and not the others, or a gun bullet that can turn corners, we could create ways of teaching something like math to a child which makes it fun and engaging rather then dull and boring. Imagine instead of paying for education, it is given for free like the way military service is free. Imagine a world where education and the betterment of humanity thought technology and knowledge is the most sought after thing by the government, rather then geo-political control of resources or military perpetuity. Some may say this is a utopian pipe dream; I on the other hand do believe that a society of scientists, artists, and technicians created by a government determined to the education its citizens could replace this society of perpetual war profiteering and debt. This one is for you America!