Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why I listen to noise music

It’s the postmodern era

All our feelings are fake
They are Social constructions which perpetuate themselves though our behaviors and feelings
They’re the selfish memes: creators of normality

Noise is not music
Music is this
Not that

Acquired tastes, what’s with that?
Darwin, how do olives, beer, Noon Chai and weird art fit in your scheme?

We are controlled, this is music
Not that

Social engineers behind the curtain dictate
Made of memes devoid of personhood

I listen to noise
It sounds like music to me

The normative bias assures us what the signal to noise ratio should be
This makes us programmed
Popular culture: the cul-de-sac of creativity

I know you cant market this
And for that…..

I know my feelings are real
I know they are unique
I know They are not a product of your creation
Of your propagation

They are real, not your fabrication

My tastes are independent of the market machine
This is what I discover in noise music

This is why I listen to noise music
Noise Music
Thank you for validating my taste by showing me its not tethered to market economics
To the social engineers, to the machine