Thursday, June 6, 2013

We are predators

We are tireless predators

Our greatest prey is each other

This is why as a species we have conquered the planet, literally bringing it to the edge of catastrophe.

We, unlike any other life form, can shape our environment with our imaginations.

A piece of pop culture which is a perfect illustration of our predatory nature towards each other is the zombie killing spree meme.

Here we have a human devoid of personality
But it is a human one can kill without a second thought

This image fills the void where the enemy of a culture once stood, in the traditional societies.

But today’s global cosmopolitan society cannot tolerate to have another peoples fill that void

So we substitute peoples with mindless zombies as the enemy of a culture and society. Requiring and ultimately enjoying their slaughter.  

We are an invasive species. We hunt too well.