Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sex just for Procreation? Drugs just for Medicine?

I talk about how the common idea that marriage or sex is done for more than procreation is akin to the idea that drugs are not just for medicine- they are both invalid and entail one another.  

I go over two approaches: Denial and Expansion. 

-Denial regards the claim that sex is just for procreation as false by using examples from humans and nature how sex is utilized for more than procreation. In this same way, both animals and humans use drugs for more than the relief of a dysfunctional symptom.  

-Expansions reexamines the definition of the words procreation and medicinal, by expanding them to include short term goals like relieving stress for overall function (procreation) and changing mood (medicinal).  

Therefore, if you accept the claim that drugs are only for medicine, then you must accept that sex is only for procreation. That is, the two claims have the same underlying logic- they imply each other. 

Hopefully by the end of this video you're able to understand how both these claims imply each other and are both invalid.