Sunday, November 22, 2015

Guilty thoughts? (happiness is conditional)

An  inner dialogue:

Are you getting high again?


Why do you do it so often?

It makes me feel good.

Why can’t you find a way to feel good without drugs?

I don’t see a reason to.

How is it useful to your life potential to be stoned or high all the time?

What would you know about my life potential?

Oh, so you’re going to start answering questions with questions now?

You made an assumption in your question which is wrong. A question seemed a natural way to bring up the issue.

What assumption do you have an issue with?

Well there are a couple. You think you know what is wholly beneficial and harmful for my life. You also think you know how cannabis affects me. Finally, the behavior has been ostracized because of the reprehensible war on drugs, thereby distorting your perception of it- this gives you the impetus to even ask the question in the first place.

So you believe that getting high all the time is good for you?

It benefits me personally. Your or anyone else’s mileage may vary.

But why have your happiness tied to something like a drug?

Because happiness is always tied to something- its conditional. Everything which brings you happiness is a condition in the world. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a drug you take or a person you love, your emotion  is tied to a situation. Now its true that some conditions are easier to reach and maintain than others. An illegal drug is not by any means easy to obtain in a sustainable fashion. But this is because of the deplorable war on drugs, not the substances themselves. In the end, we need to make our own happiness. Some may find it in work, or others, but some may find it in changing their consciousness. We shouldn’t forget that happiness comes from many places; and what makes one happy is specific to their personality. Overall we should judge each other less and enjoy what we love more.

I’m not going to start using.

No one is saying you should. Just leave others to enjoy what brings them happiness. Happiness is always tied to something…

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