Monday, January 23, 2017

Gay marriage is a Cultural Appropriation

This is because marriage is a cultural tradition as shown by its history. 

Marriage is traditionally defined as a man and woman couple

The gay community has co-opted this tradition, and have expanded on it.
In the same way as someone might adopt the cultural inheritance of another person from a different culture than one’s own, any gay who forces others to believe that same-sex marriage should be considered a part of this tradition is guilty of cultural appropriation.

Thereby one can conclude if cultural appropriation should be avoided like the left requires, then this form of cultural appropriation should be discouraged as well.
But this would cause a major shift of perspective in the gay community.

Gay marriage was considered to be an utmost goal.

Although civil unions grant all of the rights that married couples have, like inheritance and hospital visits, the gay community strived to gain the specific title of marriage.

Why should anyone use the actions and objects of a cultural legacy which isn’t their own?
If one concluded that there is no reason to use symbols and practices from other cultures, then the appropriation of marriage for the gay community should be disagreed with.

However, because marriage is as of now a government service (e.g. license is needed), it must be open for all.

Moving on, gay marriage is related to the idea of the domestication of gays, exposed by Breitbart shitposter Milo Y. That is, gay behavior is not normal and should be the on fringes of decency.

This is why the NYC “swallow this” advertisement would only work for a gay demographic.
This perspective doesn’t come from a contempt for gay behavior; rather, gay behavior should be seen as somewhat cutting edge and at the limits of knowledge.
Homosexual activities are forms of experimentation that some of those with high IQ engage in.

If these gays married and had children, rather than not, they would propagate intelligence to their offspring, because IQ is inheritable.

All in all, marriage is a cultural tradition that should be respected if one is against cultural appropriation. While, if one doesn’t think that cultural appropriation should be avoided, then they should have no issue with it. In the meantime, it’s a shame that IQ doesn’t spread around as much, considering how gays have higher IQs on average than heterosexuals, yet they don’t reproduce given their lack of opposite sex relations.

Essentially my argument here is not one against homosexuality. Rather, my aim is to demonstrate the absurdity of demonizing and avoiding appropriating other cultures. Nevertheless, I understand homosexual and other queer behavior to not be mainstream by definition. Therefore, one reserves the right to be unsympathetic toward such activities, while remaining tolerant of them.

Note, I admit that the lewd issue may be true more for gay men than for lesbian women.

Also, for those who redefine appropriation to mean it can only apply to “oppressors” have to open a dictionary. That is, one cannot redefine terms like racism in order to fit their fallacious claims.