Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ode to the Sun

Warm golden rays drape my skin.
Feeling forever at home under its brilliance.
Lifting and brining me vitality.
My body is nourished by its hospitality.
Spring time’s glow makes up for the coldness of winter.
The plants! Using its emissions for food. How I envy them!
Makes me wonder why it gives, as
all life depends on its energy
Never compromising itself for anything.
Yet it is the most beneficial to all.
Never getting anything for its help.
In spite of that, it still shares its luminescence.
What lessons can the sun teach us?
To completely be ourselves, whilst benefiting others as well?
Well, some call this having your cake and eating it too.
An oxymoron which the sun proves unmistakably.
So thank you to the Sun and its Light.
It knows we owe nothing in return.