Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleepy Thoughts

Life is training school for Gods.
We all will never die, because we all were never born.
The warm cozy shower, the crack of the wood chopping, the brightness of the sun, the smoothness of a milkshake, low tide.
Whilst tasting squares and hearing colors.
Hunter S. Thompson buys his guns at roll back prices only at Wal-Mart.
Cold showers are more comfortable
Which brings us to why the moon glows.
I’ll twist up an entire onion.
Giving me the power to clasp my hands, and part the river open.
“And Mikes leaving. I cant believe it. On may 5th.”
The profound rock of time.
Dirt spits out a green twig with a massive colored growth on top.
I must find a way to dilute my thoughts into the matter around me.
He is a cosmic creature of complete randomness.
Those four horsemen will be seen as misunderstood by the time they appear.
Retarded sky.
The point of the matter is that when we get to it, we stop doing it.
Sein Und Zeit
The food eats us.
So when we wake up, we find it easy to forget.