Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Post-Metal/Rock as Metaphysical Music

Post-Metal/Rock depicts the interplay of light and dark elements through varying shades of density (represented by low tuning, a thick/heavy sound, and loud distorting feedback) and clarity (represented by clean mellow passages, with a soft/light feel). These elements of density and clarity can be epitomized as the classic forces of light and dark or shadow. With that said, we can imagine post metal and post-rock music as depicting instances of the interplay of opposites (light and dark), by illustrating the varying levels and shades, in their musical progressive passages, as they range from density to clarity and vice-versa. The compositions come out in an organic way (unlike the verse-chorus-verse structure of most music) due to this interplay. Thus, because light and dark are usually the metaphors for the two metaphysical powers- positive and negative- which shape and create all that there is, we can see how post-metal/rock music depicts the varying shades and degrees of density and clarity, and the progressions between them. Ultimately we can call this style of music metaphysical in a sense.

PS: I just want to add that I also find an unifying water element in post-metal music. It is as if the music is symbolic or an overall metaphor for water, the sea, and the changing tides which include storms. The progression of the songs can be analogized to the ways waves pick up and clam down on the surface of the ocean.