Thursday, February 16, 2012

Loving you means I wouldn't want you to be any other way than how you are.
Where does the passion fit into this? Perhaps love isn't about pleasure. When we look to love to make us feel good, we end up chasing it like an addict chases a high. True love is acceptance. Don't get it twisted... [rant over]

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glimpsing Cleavages Without Shame

I rarely talk about myself, but I see this as a great opportunity to introduce this notion with a very recent (today) personal story. While I was in my cognitive psychology class, the teacher posed a question to the students. One of the girls sitting across the room from me answered. So naturally I looked in her direction. As she was talking, I could notice that in the periphery of my vision a- might I say wonderful- cleavage presenting itself to me. It belonged to the tall blue eyed, black hair beauty next to me. I took quick peek as I’m inclined to do so quite regularly when the chance arises (no need for shame, this is evolution in action). After the microsecond glance at the “treasure” my eyes came back up and our gazes met. Oh this was a quite an awkward situation. After locking eyes we quickly turned away and buried the uncomfortable situation by fixating our attention on the teacher. Shortly after, she put on her heavy coat and kept it on for the remainder of the class. No one else did this, so I don’t think it was because she was cold. I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and some what mad that I possibly ruined any chance of friendship between us.
Yet, I feel that I am at no fault. Like I said before, I feel no shame for looking. This is just how my genes express themselves. If anything, she is too stuck up. Doesn’t she understand that I am a man with hormones ranging, and she, with her slim and sexy frame wearing tight reveling clothes, is signaling to my genes strong erotic messages? Why else would a women wear tight or revealing clothes if not to have people glance at them. I can understand the problem with a prolonged unbroken gaze; in that situation I agree that the person is over stepping their boundaries. A quick glance is not the same as a prolonged gaze because the latter displays an uncontrolled quality which may lead to impulsive behavior, like rape. On the other hand, a quick glance shows an ability to restrain behavior which means one is in control of their actions. Therefore, we can say that a prolong gaze at a women’s figure is offensive because it displays the potential of carrying out impulsive and potentially dangerous behavior; but a quick glance is acceptable and even expected.
All in all, women shouldn’t feel offended when someone glances at their revealing frame or cleavage. If they didn’t want to be looked at in those areas, they wouldn’t wear clothes that reveal them. So men, glance freely with no shame, you are acting out the dance of life/gene maintenance. And women, if you don’t want to be looked at, cover up your body more. You cant expect men not to look. Its in their biological make-up to look/glance!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Post-Metal/Rock as Metaphysical Music

Post-Metal/Rock depicts the interplay of light and dark elements through varying shades of density (represented by low tuning, a thick/heavy sound, and loud distorting feedback) and clarity (represented by clean mellow passages, with a soft/light feel). These elements of density and clarity can be epitomized as the classic forces of light and dark or shadow. With that said, we can imagine post metal and post-rock music as depicting instances of the interplay of opposites (light and dark), by illustrating the varying levels and shades, in their musical progressive passages, as they range from density to clarity and vice-versa. The compositions come out in an organic way (unlike the verse-chorus-verse structure of most music) due to this interplay. Thus, because light and dark are usually the metaphors for the two metaphysical powers- positive and negative- which shape and create all that there is, we can see how post-metal/rock music depicts the varying shades and degrees of density and clarity, and the progressions between them. Ultimately we can call this style of music metaphysical in a sense.

PS: I just want to add that I also find an unifying water element in post-metal music. It is as if the music is symbolic or an overall metaphor for water, the sea, and the changing tides which include storms. The progression of the songs can be analogized to the ways waves pick up and clam down on the surface of the ocean.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Forgiving Everyone For Everything

Alan Watts once said, “To understand all is to forgive all.” That is, when we are fully aware of something- we know its history and make up- we find it hard to blame it for anything, because we see it shaped by forces not controlled by itself. In other words, the thing in question is seen only as reacting to circumstances outside of it, thereby removing any accountability for its status. We see it as a product of its environment.

As a psychologist, one studies behavior. The peculiar thing is that when you start to understand behavior, you forgive it. Where before one would have been appalled or offended by a given action, now one feels sympathetic and does not judge the person rashly or harshly. One reaches a place where all behavior is seen as a reaction to environmental factors outside the complete control of anyone.

When one comes to that realization, its supremely hard to get mad at anyone. Should psychology be taught in public schools to help people become more aware of behavior in general so they are more forgiving when they meet people with different ways of expressing behavior? I think so.