Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meaning Zero: How zero can help find meaning in the Universe and Life

Some may say life or the universe has no intrinsic meaning. However, they may have not thought of meaninglessness being a kind of meaning; that is, apparent meaninglessness can be a kind of meaning although it has no value.

Now this may sound incorrect, but this example can help: if one asks for the definition of a number, the are told a number denotes quantity or value. That would be a fine answer, unless one thinks of the number zero- a number with no value. Therefore, we have a number with no value, which seems contrary to the definition of a number. Can we have a life/universe with inbuilt meaning although it seems to lack any intrinsic meaning?

Zero is a very important number even though it lacks value. Its this trait which gives it great use; the lack of value allows for zero to encompass all numbers without distorting them in anyway. For example: 1 cannot encompass any number without changing it: 1 +7=8. However, zero does not distort numbers, leaving them as they are: 0+7=7. In addition to not distorting other numbers when encompassed, zero (in the decimal system) does the other important function of allowing for new “space” for numbers to venture. As zero is the first digit, it beings each new tier of numbers e.g.: 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc. therefore it can be said that zero both allows for and preserves all other numbers via the two characteristics stated above (creating new tiers and not distorting numbers).

As a result, a number without a value becomes the one number which gives rise to all others. This example can now illustrate how a life/universe without apparent intrinsic meaning (like a number without any apparent value) can allow for all other meaning (personal to cosmic). But like zero, this life/universe has intrinsic meaning, but it’s the kind of meaning which itself is negative, because it allows for all other meanings to exist. This is just like zero which itself is a number with no positive value, but allows for all other numbers with value.

In a nutshell, this life/universe which seems not to have intrinsic meaning, actually can have it. Yet it is the kind of meaning which is negative in its nature- allowing for a multitude of other meanings to exist. This is like zero which is a number without value, but allows for all other numbers to exist through its emptiness.