Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Deep Music that Moves Us

I listen to a lot of "deep" music. This is the kind of music that propels you to think and give meaning to it. With that said, its easy to wonder if the meaning one has really is the true meaning of the artist. Some artists have side-stepped this issue by releasing music which is open to interpretation. There is metaphor I would like to suggest which illuminates this idea further: 

The "deep" part of the music can be related to the depth of a body of water. The more meaningful the song, the deeper the pool. Now in this pool of meaning, the dilemma above has us concerned with whether or not we are reaching in the same part of the pool as the artist. Instead, we should focus on how deep we are reaching into the pool, trying to match the artist go beyond them. 

In this way, we can see how reaching deep into the pool we uncover our own buried treasures of meaning. This aspect is what makes this approach to art generative rather then just consumptive: by creating new interpretations, people participate in the creating of art. This aspect I believe is beneficial to society because it makes art more humane and less like a commodity, as is done in popular culture.