Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Starting Points for Activism

In today's world there are many problems facing humanity. Because of this, some people have become activists. Their aim is to bring awareness to a given troubling issue, with the hope of generating some kind of helpful response.
In light of this, I have outlined four main areas of activism.
The four areas of activism: Ecological, Economic, Social, and Political.

-The Ecological deals with how humans relate to non-human life and nature in general. Examples of activism here are the environmental movement and the animal rights movement.

-The Economic is concerned with how humans relate to their material resources. Examples of activism in this area are labor movements and Occupy Wall Street.

-The Social covers how humans relate to others within their community. Examples of activism in this area are the civil rights movement and the suffrage movement.

-The Political spans how human communities/societies as a whole interact with other whole communities/societies. Examples of activism in this area are the anti-war protests and the tea-party movement.  

My intent with this outline is to help guide those who feel frustrated with the way things are, but have no way to articulate it in a tangible manner. Hopefully with these distinctions, it can be easier for them to fully notice problematic issues and help others become aware of them.