Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Words On Abortion

How I understand it:
Bodily life begins at conception. You, me, and others are persons and not necessarily bodies.
If one were to fall into an irreversible coma, would we not conclude they were dead?
Because what makes a person is their person-hood and not their body. Its a mental thing.
So bodily life begins at conception, but person-hood begins at about 20-25 months (about the time the baby can start to tell itself apart from the environment).

So the fetus is not a person. The newborn infant is not a person.
Why would this offend some? Does something have to be a person to be respected? If it offends someone, then that person does not respect things that are non persons.

As abortion goes, its better for a child to be raised in a world were it is wanted. If it is born to parents who have doubts about its existence, that negativity will spill over and affect the child's upbringing, mostly likely for worse. Adoption is not a good option because of the moral question of whether or not to inform the child of their situation. If one doesn't tell the child, they might find out later which will cause a nervous breakdown. If the child is told, he may feel frustrated or upset that he doesn't have "real" parents and he may even disrespected his caregivers.

Also if abortion was made illegal, many will still try to abort and they might end up hurting themselves or the baby, possibly dieing. Better to keep it in the light of legitimate medical science.

Thus, abortion is a right for a woman and man to choose. To infringe is not a moral issue, but one of liberty.