Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Five Abysses: Starting Points for Speculative Philosophy

I'm a huge fan of speculative philosophy and speculating in general. By its very definition speculation deals with what we know very little about. Yet I find it fun because, in doing so, one can confront the mystery of their existence and fully be aware of how we, as humans, are both unique and insignificant at the same time. Its akin to a religious/spiritual feeling and its much like painting a picture. Whether or not its true is not the point. The aim is to give an unique metaphor that we can use to replace the ones we already have. It can also help us work on our assumptions by bringing them up for review. Reworking our assumptions can then in turn help guide and color our lives differently.

With all that said, I think there are four main starting points in speculating the mysteries of existence.
I get this distinction from a Terrence Mckenna lecture which I don't recall the name of. Yet I added Being/Existence on my own.

-Life/Death relates to the mystery of how life came to be and what happens to it at death.
-Time/History deals with the mystery of the duration of the universe and the recent occurrence (genetically speaking) of history as an out growth from nature that is not nature itself (artificiality).
-Space/Matter covers the mystery of the expansiveness of space and the matter that occupies it.
-Dreams/Psyche regards the mystery of the dream's relation to reality and the connection between the mind and body or world.
-Being/Existence refers to the mystery of the basis of reality and what constitutes and causes it.

These five topics I believe cover all the areas of mystery in our present time. People interested in speculative philosophy and theories should use these areas as spring boards to create their own ideas or to help evaluate others ideas.

The point is to be reasonable not factual.