Monday, December 26, 2011

Why humans so different from nature? (The Imagination as The Divine)

Humans are spiritual creatures. That is what makes us different from animals. Spiritual means that which you cannot see. That is, things of the spirit are not things of matter. Therefore, the human has access to a part of reality which all other animals don’t. Our culture and language are prime examples of our preoccupation with immaterial affairs. Our imagination, I believe, is the divine. If I asked you to imagine a horse, what sense are you using to perceive it? It definitely is not any of our five senses we use to perceive the world. When we perceive the horse in the mind, we are viewing it through the imagination. Because of this, many of our social, religious, and political practices stem from ideologies which are from the imagination. We deal with the imagination all the time. And it is this part of ourselves which to me is what all cultures call the divine or “other-worldly”. This spiritual side of ourselves is what one should give their attention to when contemplating the origins of human idiosyncrasies such as culture, language, music, and ritual. The implications of this notion also deal with the future of our species as we progress to greater levels of imagine potential, manifesting as new social structures and technologies. Our imagination, I believe, is the key to understanding why we are so different from the rest of nature.