Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Capitalism encourages over consumption.

A man gets home from a hard working day; he feels he deserves to have the luxuries which an eco-friendly supporter would frown upon.
The fact that this is a meritocracy servers the ideal that one is entitled to indulge. Thus, there is no desire to care for the environment.
Can social engineering, along with an economic system which considers nature, be the way to a society that is eco-sustainable.
New form of education which connects the student to the material on a personal and spiritual basis.
Here “spiritual” means the ability to identify ones self with more then the immediate body-mind.
The teacher must find ways to make the curriculum appealing, not in an entertainment way, but an astonishing way.
As for money, it is not needed anymore. Once we change our values as a society, where we see that all people have the right to life and the earth, where the goal is to give back and receive.
Without money, and a new set of values