Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Learning to Swim

They say to learn to swim.
Who threw us into the water in the first place.
I want to be on land where I can stand.
Not in the water where I can drown.
Many say we were always in the water.
But if that is our nature, why do we choke so easily?
A question to whom no one ponders.
I wonder why fishes can handle it.
While I see so many people drown.
Wasted life on swimming
No room to appreciate this sea.
I know it holds dark mysteries.
The union I share with the water
Feels divorced from my soul
Yet why did I come from it.
Am I an unwanted creation of this vast abyss?
Should I just breath deep
And hope to awake on my feet?

Or shall I stay suspect to this game
Just to feel as if I’m isolated
Always told not to bother to ponder
If there is no room to question
Then there is no room to understand
What it really means to stay afloat