Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The grasshopper and the ant.

Both live in the same area.
During the summer, the grasshopper relaxed and did not do much for winter.
On the other hand, the ant worked very hard everyday to prepare for winter.
Well most know that come winter, the ant survives while the grasshopper dies of cold and hunger.
So at first it may seem that the ant was the smarter of the two.
Yet there is another angle to view this proverb.
The ant is always work strained.
In the summer he is constantly working, while in the winter he is inside with all the saved up food, but nowhere to go.
He cracks his head out for another spring, not to enjoy it, but to go back to work for the winter.
Although, the grasshopper, dead, got to experience the best of what life has to offer, a lazy summer.
So who really got the best of the situation.
If you eat to live, it’s the ant.
If you live to eat, it’s the grasshopper.