Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who am I?

A name, interests, occupation, place of residence. Sounds like that answer is best suited for someone who wants to bill another.
On one level you are a body. But its important to mention that you, through the cell cycle, develop a new body every few years. So what was you as a body ten years ago, is now gone.
The presence you feel inside of you, which perceives and acts. The so called, little person in the head. If this is your answer, its is wrong because there is a fallacy. The little man has the problem of infinite regress. Asking who is in the little man’s head, forever. It leads us nowhere.
What’s left for us to identify ourselves?
The individual cells in our body make up our “whole” structure.
These cells are themselves made up of individual parts.
Ultimately leading to dna and genes.
To proteins and amino acids.
To atoms.
To neutrons.
To quarks and so on… another infinite regress.
Another possible identity is our environment. This answer is favorable because it most describes our behavior and form. We are made to fit as organisms into our environment. The world nourishes us with food and air, things we just so happen to need. If we identify ourselves with the environment, and look at it as it were an extension of us, everyone would be “green”. not because of any fad or eco-guilt, but because it would be as natural as wiping their own ass.