Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Individualism +Capitalism = extreme egoism

Maybe I should start in a traditional tone, followed by a screeching inhale for a gasp for air. Manifesting ideas underwater maybe tricky if one breaths on land. Yet ideas are held and contained underwater. It is only through that wet goopy lens people give value to it.
What a lofty mystery to be alive!
My mind ponders lately as usual. I cannot recall what I have been working on.
But the ISIS track is explaining to me that the present moment is THE moment to be in, so my thinking of the past of no importance now.
What did I come to write about? I really have no clue.
Individualism +Capitalism = extreme egoism
The concept of broad individualism came with the notion of democracy.
I have already explained how capitalism and democracy cant coincide very well.
The mood of a democracy coupled with the economic game of gaining capital which equals not only material wealth but self-esteem, creates a kind of self serving, fragmented, isolated figure who’s main end is his own gain. Although he might have a conception of what is right and wrong, his level of altruism is very low. Is this the kind of person we want our society to generate?
What we need is a capitalism that focuses more on education and less on weapons. Making poverty something impossible. Providing self esteem for their citizens that is not linked with consumption and money. Create a system where we absorb less and reuse more.