Tuesday, December 28, 2010


God is not something one believes in. God is something one does.
God cannot be defined, if one believes god is infinite.
God can only be known through action not an idea.

If we take god to mean the supernatural aspect of reality, then god manifests in reality as unconditional altruism. Unconditional Altruism means an action one does to benefit another that at the same time involves risk on the part of the helper. This does not include helping family or tribe because that can be inferred as still linked with survival (safety in numbers and sustaining progeny).

Let take a moment to think about it. If evolution is the driving force behind life, why would unconditional  altruism exist? It is so paradoxical for a form of life to care for another living thing (outside of kin or tribe thus the word unconditional)

Yet this is what makes our species so unique. It is the basis for our differences of behavior from all other life forms. Unconditional Altruism, which requires empathy, is the starting ground for an organism to shift its attention outside of itself. This is known as abstract thought, the hallmark of the human mind.

So going back to god being a verb, unconditional altruism is such an alien behavior that it becomes supernatural because it seems to originate from an intent outside of an evolutionary driven structure.

Thus, god acts as the unquestionably strange behavior of unconditional love and compassion also known as unconditional altruism.

So all in all, the part of ourselves which is divine is our ability to practice unconditional love and compassion.


I just want make clear that I am not part of any religious group. I state this because I really think evolution cannot account for all the expressions of life, and that the act of unconditional altruism (outside of group or family) has to be of a supernatural origin.

Even if one takes altruism and other facets of culture to be a by-product of an evolutionary trait to plan for the future, you have to ask: Why did humans inherit a trait which such a large by-product that is not present anywhere else in nature.

God (unconditional altruism) is what makes us unique. Share and spread that action (spread and do gods work).

Or if one wants to stay with pure evolution as a means to explain purpose of behavior, then be ready to live in a world were selfish and egotistical behavior are justified.

Even if unconditional altruism doesn't exists because all actions benefit the self in some way, one really needs to ponder how did such an idea come about? This is my point, the IDEA/Action of unconditional altruism is so alien, it must come from something that is not preoccupied with survival.